When should you purchase your child’s first smartphone?

children smartphone

It’s the time of year when kids are thinking about their holiday wish lists. So what’s a parent to do when a child, possibly a very young child, asks for a smartphone?

We hear that smartphones can be addictive, that screen time can hurt learning, but can’t these minicomputers also teach kids about responsibility and put educational apps at their tiny fingertips?

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Useful things you can do with your smartphone when you have time to kill.


Standing in line at the pizza place, you’ve got a couple of minutes to kill, so you stare down at your phone, and fire up. Rather than browsing through a long list of inane tweets or matching jewel colors up against each other, you can actually be using that time productively.

Learn something new

Image: Duolingo

Apps like Duolingo and Memrise, put a complete set of foreign langualearning tools in your pocket. A ton of language learning apps are available, but what we like about those two in particular is they let you dip in and out of exercises, and set you small challenges that you can tick off each day.

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This unassuming robot could sneak into your home


Ghost Minitaur‘ is a 4-legged robot that can traverse tough terrain, jump, climb stairs, open doors, and even climb fences.

The company hopes it could be used as a platform for “developing commercial unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), advanced gait and locomotion research, and machine learning and training applications.”

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How to avoid using cash by using your smartphone to pay for almost anything.

sm cashless

Mobile payments are the future, so we’re told. Apple, Google, and Android all want you surviving on nothing but their products—your financial data safely stored on an NFC chip inside. While not every store in the US supports it, most of them do. Same with the banks. We’ve run though everything, from which banks and stores support smartphone pay to which app to use. So read on so you can stop reaching for your wallet every time you want a coffee.

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Read about the history and success of the very popular WhatsApp?


Just yesterday, WhatsApp celebrated yet another milestone: one billion daily active users. According to its blog post, there are now 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion photos, and one billion videos being sent and shared every day amongst WhatsApp users. Indeed, what started out as a simple idea between two former Yahoo employees has become a global phenomenon. But what exactly makes this messaging app so great?

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A review of the best inexpensive smartphones.

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Don’t want to spend too much on a new smartphone? Here are the best budget phones you can buy in 2017

You know what? You don’t need to part with a lot of cash for a decent smartphone nowadays. Sure, those headline-grabbing powerhouses such as Google’s Pixel, Apple’s iPhone 7 and that Samsung Galaxy S7 are all impressive, but there are some fantastic low-cost alternatives to be had right now. Save your pennies, here’s the definitive list of the best budget smartphones you can buy in 2017.

 The modern smartphone age is a marvel. Technology is so much cheaper than it ever has been, and you no longer need to spend mortgage-inducing sums for that yearly smartphone upgrade. Stay away from those big-hitters, and pick up a great budget smartphone on the cheap. You shan’t be disappointed.

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