We all know that cell phones can disturb your sleep. Here is a review of smartphone apps that actually can help you sleep.


Best Sleep Apps

As a general rule, we advocate for powering down laptops, TVs and smartphones to eliminate light, sounds and stress associated with electronic devices that could disturb your slumber. But, smartphones do present some opportunities to get better sleep. If you’re tech-savvy and have trouble sleeping – or if you’re just curious about trying a new alarm clock – installing a sleep app on your smartphone could be a great option.

We considered seven of the best sleep apps and health apps that can help track and analyze your sleep, so you can wake up feeling more rested. From tracking hours slept, frequency of REM sleep, movement and snoring to waking you in your lightest sleep, the breakdown below can help you determine which sleep app is right for you.

All apps were selected based on standings and reviews in popular app stores. The Better Sleep Council does not endorse or promote the use of these or any applications. We do, however, promote a good night’s rest on a quality mattress.

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